User input validation and warning generation


What is the best way of generating messages to the user using ShapeDiver? I’m creating a script where the user can customise a product and then order the product with a button (using the ShapeDiverExportEmail component). But I would like the user to receive a warning if their inputs should be mismatching). What is the best way of doing this?

I see a couple of options:

  • Print it on the screen using tag component
  • Generate some JSON data and connect to a web service (difficult for me since I’m not a web developer)
  • Create some automated response to the client e-mail

Is there any other “easy” way?

As you have guessed it, the easiest and cheapest is to show the warning in the viewer with a standard 2D Tag component.

However, for creating of a smooth user experience I recommend to have web developer on your team. You can then use the ShapeDiver Data Output for sending warning messages that pop up a warning in your front end application. Also, the message could determine if the Buy button should be active.

A growing number of developers have experience with our technology and you can find the best ones on the ShapeDiver Partners page, in case you are hiring for your project.