User defined cross section table from Karamba to Shapediver

Can I come back to this one. I’ve used the text tag solution and it works fine in GH to report utility ratios in Rhino. However, I’ve found a problem when moved to Shapediver. The text shows fine initially but the values do not update when I change the section of the beams.

Do you have a minimal grasshopper definition I can upload to ShapeDiver to reproduce this issue?

I’ve uploaded this to Shapediver and can see that when I change the section size, the utility ratio output does not change. It works fine in Grasshopper.
Single Truss rev (107.7 KB)

@steve14 which precise version of the Karamba plugin are you using?

It is, which at the time of writing the code was the version accepted by Shapediver.

I’m thinking that the internalisation of the data for the custom sections mentioned earlier in the thread is not working.

We have figured out the cause of the issue: we had recently rolled out the latest Karamba version ( on the system, and it seems that your model uploaded above gives very different output results between the latest version and the one you are using (

@cp1 Could you try the model uploaded by Steve above in both versions and confirm the discrepancy in data outputs?

In the meantime, we have rolled back to the version until the situation is resolved. The change will apply in the next couple of hours.

Yes, that seems to have worked. Things fine on Shapediver.