User define ui

ui.rar (24.8 KB) BMP1 is a window I defined myself, corresponding the variable “ g_layerManDlg” in fuction “ReadDocument”. Within BMP2, window is hidden and could not be seen.
What I need is: this window could automatically show once file is opened( UI inside the window is drawn according to content in file)
If rhino is started and open the test file through menu bar, window could appear normally. But if rhino has not been started, so we have to open file by double-clicking the icon, window could not appear.

BOOL CSoleMopherPlugIn::ReadDocument( CRhinoDoc& doc, ON_BinaryArchive& archive, const CRhinoFileReadOptions& options)
int major_version = 1;
int minor_version = 0;




Hi NiceDay,

My apologies, but I cannot tell what the problem is, based on your description. Also, the bitmaps you posted do not help at all in determining what your problem is. Do you have sample source code that we can look at?

– Dale

these code is very large,not easy to have a sample source code.
and my commpany does’t agree to sent the source code to interet