User avatar highlighted only if topic starter was last to write in topic

It seems like the blue highlight around the avatar of last person to write in a topic is only active if that person was the topic starter. IIRC, it used to be the last contributor, no matter if they started the topic or no.

This is a bit of a controversial change discussed here:

###The change:

Avatar highlight is suppressed unless the OP is the last poster.

###The reasoning for:

No information is lost, OP is either last avatar or highlighted avatar. Front page is simplified.

###The reasoning against:

It is confusing and makes people think

###The style that can be enabled to change it back trivially

@stevebaer can trivially enable a style that always shows the highlight, aka, this:

Wow, serious bike sheds.

I like how the avatars are now shown in order of the posts. before, I thought it was just random but after skimming the thread you linked to, I see it was based on amount of posts in a thread by a particular user.

they way it is now makes a lot more sense :wink:

so, if I understand correctly… the OP will always be at the front then the rest of the avatars are being shown chronologically? and the glow only shows up on the OP if they made the last post? is that right?

if so, it seems like a good plan. all the info is more communicative

Yes precisely