Used cycles metal in render caused crash

Using Rhino Render cycles metals placed on object . Rhino stopped running. —Mark

Literally “Cycles Metal” or just the normal “Metal” material?

  • Andy

Cycles metals

@nathan - those things shouldn’t be in the WIP.

I hope by telling you what we find helps. Thanks. Mark

Very much so. Thank you!

@andy, I’ll have to find out how to hide render materials from the UI, because these are used as the mechanism to convert materials from Rhino to Cycles. IIRC if the user doesn’t have the Cycles for Rhino plug-in, those materials won’t show up.

That said, I am unable to reproduce the error, though. @markintheozarks, what Rhino WIP build are you using?


The most recent

I meant the version string as given by the command SystemInfo, if you could paste that here, please.


Hi Nathan, I loaded a WIP
Last night . 12th of July. So it was the build prior to that. I noticed this huild had cycles materials on it too. —Mark

@markintheozarks, do those Cycles materials still crash in the latest Rhino WIP for you when you use them in a Rhino Render rendering?

Did you use the Cycles metal material like in the animated gif?


Hi Nathan, I attempted to apply a metal naterial to an object. It was by chance that I chose those cycles metals. Yes but as soon as I tried applying it when Rhino stopped working. Haven’t drawn anything yet today. If I run into any weirdness , I’ll send a shout out. —Mark

Could you please provide the entire output of the SystemInfo command?

What viewport modes did you have selected when you ran into this hang?

After another close and open ,layer on off now seems as normal.
I did close it ,not in raytrace the last time.
Is there a way to bring a V6 file created in V6 into V5? Could I send it to mcneel and have it sent back to work in V5 ?----Mark

SaveAs version=V5… --Mitch

Mitch, that is great. With the WIP having be not complete, I prefer to do anything important be in V5 . On the other hand , if we dont use V6 . How will it get better? —Mark

Hi Nathan, I sent system info to That didnt work. —Mark

Ah, I originally meant you’d paste it as reply here, but if you don’t want that out here you can send it directly to me using


using cycle glass and changing display to raytraced also crashes rhino6
(6.0.16187.11041, 05/07/2016)
whatever Cycles matyerial i try

There is a newer WIP build that should fix most crashes with Raytraced mode.