Use "point on curve" in human UI

hey there,

I would like to use the “point on curve” modul in the human UI. How can it be done. So far I found no UI element that works.

use a HUI slider from 0-1 and evaluate a reparameterized curve with its value

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First thank you for your quick response . Unfortunately I was not able to build it. I am still not able to modify the parameter given by the “point on curve” through the HUI. I attached an example snipped of my graph. ( the part with updating the 3dview should be clear)

Hey Zsi48891,

Just like andheum mentioned, you just need to use a regular slider connected to a “evaluate curve”-component ( the curve has to be reparametrized (right-click on the input curve and select reparametrize to set the domain of the curve to 0 to 1 )).
With the UI components, you can change the slider and the point on your curve.


thanks. I think I got it ( at least it es working).