Use One Value List Option to Choose Two Different Options from Two Different Definitions


I am trying to choose one item from a Value List dropdown menu, and have that Value List item capable of choosing two different settings with that same choice.

I’m using this to set two different objects, then have the two objects boolean together to form a third. I would rather just have one adjustment to make than have to set two different options each time I make a new choice.

An example would be cutting off the top of an object using a sphere. One adjustment is the shape of the sphere, the other is the height. If the shape of the sphere depasses the bottom plane of the shape it’s interacting with, the boolean fails. Therefore, I would like any shape setting on the Value List that pushes the sphere past the ground plane to have a corresponding number that goes to the height of the sphere - to lift it up above the ground plane.


It would be helpful if you could provide your example in the form of a GH definition and upload it here.

I ask this so that me, and also others might be able to help.

I, personally got mixed up by your explanation by the terms you used to describe a sphere: “shape and height”. A sphere will always have the same shape, and by height do you mean its radius?

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Hi ShynnSup,

I’m deforming a sphere in the x,y, and z to use as a cutting object.

With one Value List setting, I’d like to be able to change different input values for each of these deformation settings, as well as a translation setting. Is that possible? In the images I’ve shown Setting 1, Setting 2, and how I would like the Value List component to operate.

This could be one way.

sphere (11.8 KB)

You can even add more settings to each Merge, or add a new Merge all together (setting nr 3), zooming in into the Stream Filter component.

If your settings get much more complex than this, you may consider using the “Save State” functionality.

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Thanks so much! This is quite elegant, and Save State will be quite usefull as well.