Use One button to pick mesh Only and other one to pass the mesh it for calculation

Hi all,

I am trying to using two buttons in my script. 1st button “Pick mesh Only” is to be used to just collect the mesh from the Rhino environment.

The 2nd button “Update coordinate” is to be used to pass the mesh further to the “BBox” component for calculation and to update the textbox.

But right now, when I collect the mesh from “Pick mesh Only”, it straight away passes to BBox for the calculation. I want a button in between to pass the mesh.

Can anyone help?

Files and screenshot are attached.
Pichmesh& (18.7 KB) Pichmesh%26UpdateCoordinate1

For picking the mesh I highly recommend you take a look at the Mouse Rat plugin, which we also released while I was at NBBJ (I’m at Gensler now :slight_smile:) – it will allow you to avoid having a button to select the mesh (you can use keyboard modifiers instead). For throttling the output of the value listener, use Heteroptera’s Freeze Gate with the Value listener of the second button hooked up to the boolean input of the gate. You can skip mouse rat and just use Heteroptera if you like.

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@marcsyp wow! that is great to hear. Gensler is the giant in design and architecture! now I feel myself lucky after knowing that the person helping me works at Gensler :slight_smile:

By the way your Heteroptera trick did the job!
Thanks a lot :slight_smile: