Use old RMA code from new RhinoCommon

Hi. I have a working export plugin written in old Rhino_DotNet library. This plugin is not loader by Rhino 6. I have rewritten the MRhinoFileExportPlugIn class using the new one. Is it possible to obtain old RMA.Rhino.MRhinoDoc in Rhino.Plugins.FileExportPlugin to pass to the old code?

This should work

RhinoDoc doc = ... RhinoDoc you have in your function
IntPtr ptrDoc = Rhino.Runtime.Interop.NativeRhinoDocPointer(doc);
MRhinoDoc oldDoc = MRhinoDoc.WrapNativePointer(ptrDoc, false, false);

That is perfect! Thanks

We can probably get your older RhinoDotNet based plugin to work in V6. If you want that functionality, please send me your plugin and I’ll see what can be done.