Use image from rhino directly for presentation


I know rhino default settings won’t produce nice rendering quality in the past. For Rhino 6, I wonder if the progress has been made? Can I generate OK images from Rhino directly, so I can use it in my presentation booklet?


i guess so. it may depend on what you want to show, cycles has been implemented into version 6 which makes pretty ok renderings pretty fast either. some materials like glass look pretty good out of the box. i did not play with it extensively but it seems to be pretty usable.

@nathanletwory 2 questions is it possible to create bump on those textures?
and the frost setting for glass seems to be turned around, when i set to 100% frost its clear 0 procent is very frosty. (mac version)

Hmm, there is no Frost on Windows, it is called Clarity. I’ll have to double-check on my MBP later to see what the situation is.

that explains why its the other way around, the term was changed but the direction not. i would prefer to keep frost though, since this term is also used in other applications.

Maybe so, but on Rhino Windows it is called Clarity, so IMHO it should stay clarity. I don’t think we should start special casing UI code like that between platforms.

i meant i would prefer to rather keep frost on both platform and change windows to frost instead of changing the mac version to clarity. it is also more logical to have an extra property of glass called frost than clarity, since the normal condition of glass would be clear i believe. since you have to change one of the 2 terms i also would prefer a rather global titling.