Use for Spatial Deform (Deform)

Hello !

I am trying to deform a plane or mesh with vectors.
I use Spatial Deform (Deform) but cannot find out how to get the plane or mesh keep its initial position and only get deformed. Some vectors pull, some others push although they are all in the same direction.
I made a simple example here. I want the plane or mesh below to stay where it is.
I tried to include vertices from the bottom mesh together with points from vectors and deform. I get no transformation in that case.
I eventually want to drape a large set of breps and for some reason, I do not find the useful components on Kangaroo 2 for that.

So you only want to move certain vertices but leave all others unmolested?

The Spatial Deform components are designed for global smooth deformations. If you only want to modify specific vertices, I recommend using the Point Deform component.

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Unmolested, what a nice choice of vocabulary. Can’t stop laughing.

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Thank you ! I tried using it but I have no deformation of mesh or surface using Point Deform:

The [P] inputs of the Point Deform component must be coincident with specific mesh vertices, otherwise they’ll be ignored.

Yes indeed ! My problem was eventually somewhere else.
Thank you for your help !!

Could anyone please help me with this?
I would like to deform a mesh according to the vertex distance to the center, where all points below 2m in z coordinate remain untouched.
I tried both point and spatial deform: point deform seems to be more accurate as to what I would like to achieve, but it has some specific irregularities that don’t happen in spatial deform.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Thanks in advance! spatial or point (458.0 KB)