Use exported cluster

Hello. I have a xxx.ghcluster file exported from GH. How am I supposed to use it? I tried to open it from GH but it is greyed out. I can’t drag it to canvas neither.

You’re supposed to be able to drag+drop it onto the canvas. Works in Windows at least.

Sorry for being the one giving you the bad news… :wink:

Thanks for reporting this. We need to implement this on Mac. Logged in RH-43030.

@dan Is this issue resolved? or rolled over to Rhino 6 and the corresponding version of Grasshopper ?

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It is not yet resolved. It is rolled over into Rhino 6 for Mac’s Grasshopper.

As of the latest RhinoWIP, you should now be able to drag and drop all the supported file types - .gh, .ghx, .ghcluster, images - on the Grasshopper canvas.