Use aws-sdk c++ for s3 file upload

Hello, So i have two questions.

  1. Is it possible to use aws-sdk for c++ plugin development, because i am trying to use to upload some file into s3, but i get Access violation ... every time…
  2. I am getting same error with http-requests too, so did any of use ever did API requests with Rhino, if yes how is that done, and is this a threading error or something…
    PS: If these are possible, please led me to some sample or something, cause i cannot find anything similar…
    Thanks in advance

Hi there !

Please can u show any piece of code what are u trying to do, what kind of aws configuration are u using also ?

Hi Gshlulzim, thanks for you trying to help… But i’ve solved my problem by creating a separate dll application, and then importing it into my plugin, now it works without an issue.