Use Anemone?


I would like to create the following program.

· Acquire any point
· Get the largest number from surrounding points
· Go to that point
· Create a geometry from a point

It is an image like a maze algorithm.

I will attach a reference image below.

Thank you.

Can you attach the file ?

Thank you Mohamad !

I also consider using Ghpython.

What should I do? (44.7 KB)

You mean something like this? (27.8 KB)


Thank you very much!

I will contact you again when I use it and I do not understand it!

Thank you Mahdiyar.

Here, I write it in C# , It’s a little messy but a good point to start: (21.8 KB)


Thank you Mahdiyar.
I’m really happy.

Why write C # rather than pytrhon?
I have used Unity myself, so I understand a bit.

I will ask again.
I have two questions.

Why is not the largest number selected only for the first processing? (I want to go to 72 instead of 70)

I would like to expand this process in three dimensions, how can I do it? (See image below)


Actually it starts from 72 and then goes to 98. I forgot to add the first point to the list of points.

You just need to give it a 3D grid of points: (21.4 KB)
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It’s so cool! Thanks to you, I’m thinking of creating a new work.

If possible, can you create a file without script?
I think I can not control C #.

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Thanks Mahdiyar.
I replicated your solution, and I found that the given start point could not be or near the first point of the point list produced by square grid, because when you feed “null” with “cull index” , the result equals to feeding “0” with it.
Is this a hidden bug of “cull index”?