Usage Statistics option

Do you mind making this disabled by default?



Could you also split these two into separate options?

Nope. That’s the deal. If you want automatic updates, you have to enable reporting. If you don’t want to report statistics, then you will have to manually check for updates.



Sorry Mitch but I’ll bring GDPR, I want a reasonable explanation.

You have the right to “opt out” so there’s no issue with GDPR. Just like with refusing cookies in your browser, if you do so, then you don’t get all the features.[]=usage&s[]=statistics

This ultimatum is a violation of the GDPR. There must be explanation provided.

What ultimatum? You either opt in or you opt out. Your choice.

That is an ultimatum. “Take it or leave it”. Many companies got burned with 1-2 million law suits due to having this in their terms of agreement.

by this I meant 1-2 milliont dollar law suits :slight_smile: Google, Facebook got 2 billion dollar lawsuits. Due to having this.

More information needs to be provided regarding collected information and purpose.

Nope, it’s not.

It’s “If you do this, you get that. If not, you don’t.” That’s pretty much a choice that you have to make multiple times every day in real life.

An ultimatum (Latin: the last one ) is a demand whose fulfillment is requested in a specified period of time and which is backed up by a threat to be followed through in case of noncompliance (open loop).

There is no “threat” here. Lack of automatic updates is not a threat, as you can always get them manually.

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Dude? What are you doing?

picking on the definition, but you’re wrong.


Check the first definition. “…if the terms are not accepted”.

I know very well how to use this term.

Leave the term aside. I have the right to know what I am opting into. Plus it makes no sense for auto-updates to be connected to collecting statistics.[]=usage&s[]=statistics

That’s not enough information. I know this link.

OK, sorry, you have to ask @brian then.

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The information provided should contain also how the data is stored how long it is stored. For each type of data it should contain information for what purpose it is used. Can the data be used, taking the way it is stored, to trace the data back to me?

e.g. This memory data is of user1059173568, and on another table in the database user1059173568 = IvelinPeychev

I doubt it.

So yeah, like having to get updates manually can be considered as “serious consequences”. Sounds absolutely life-threatening to me…

The term is used not only in life-threatening situations. It is abstract term, used in numerous cases.

Political, medical, legal, it means that a particular, undesirable, consequence will follow unless the action is performed.

in our case, unless you agree to send, unclear data, auto-update service will not be provided.

That is an ultimatum, because it’s a final decision, you either do or not. You don’t have an option to opt-out of statistics but still receive auto-updates in a certain form.

I cannot believe we’re discussing a term and not the actual issue at hand. :man_facepalming: