Usage of grasshopper in Affordable housing

Hello there everyone!

I am doing my graduation project on Affordable Housing and i will integrate solar panels and humidifiers within the project. In what ways can Grasshopper assist me in terms of Building Typology, optimization, functional spaces and other categories to make the best out of the project?

Many Thanks, Nahel

In anyway you want. It is up to you to define.

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Maybe something like this could inspire (i.e. open source, CNC-millable, simple joinery etc):

Pretty sure there are more projects like this if I recall.

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@Michael_Pryor I realise that, but i was hoping for more specific response. I am fairly new to grasshopper, still in the learning process

@AndersDeleuran Woah! that looks really nice, i have looked into it and will do more analysis. Definitely an inspiration! I wouldnt mind more resources if you have any, thanks!

To be true it’s quite a vague question with an endless amount of answers.

Ladybug/Honeybee provide some nice tools for solar/radiation analysis. Also for comfort etc. you can use for optimizations. Direction/openings and so on.

There are also ways to optimize room arrangements and so on, but I would say, that’s something better done by hand. I know about my former professor, that he created a program for while studying and sold it to a company. They can do now the one millionth office building, optimized for the ground plan, but looking all the same.

In general, I would say, geometrically you can do with grasshopper whatever you want, No limits. But in my opinion, your main tool should be the optimization. There are many examples around the forum about radiation, but also about cost-effectiveness etc.

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Thanks for your kind reply Tim!

So you are saying i should use the optimization tool for room arrangements and since i am using solar panels and humidity for my coolers thats ladybug and honeybee? Ive been looking around for advanced tutorials on how to use these but couldnt find much and I have looked around about Cost-effectiveness i havent found any related topics, can you please direct me? it would be really nice of you!

Thanks , Nahel

Not much time, but easy example on cost effectiveness: outer wall costs X per m3.
If you have an variable room arrangement, you could use the parameter to optimize the arrangement. From the arrangement you get your outer wall and calculate the prize. Same for windows and all other element. Therefore one variable goal could be minimizing dyour overall prize for the building. With multiple objective optimization, you could parallel calculate the amount of sun in your building and min/maximize it as second goal etc.
Same could be simply done with the direction of your building. Rotate multiple houses or move them, so everyone gets enough light or whatever. There are no limits, just set your goals and start your script. If you need any help, don‘t hesitate to ask again.
For the beginning I would recommend setting your parameters and don‘t want to much. Is easier to expand your script than starting with all at once.
Read/watch basic guides, there is so much information on the internet, YouTube etc.
Just in my experience, it helped me a lot, setting all my stuff first on paper, get an overall design intention, set parameters and goals. Grasshopper can do „crazy stuff“ but it‘s your graduation project and sounds like it should be realistic, so don‘t expect gh do all the stuff, and use it in the right time/place.

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