Usability with external drives

I wish there will be a error dialogue if I kick out an external drive (via system) while I am working on a Rhino file on it.
If I kick out an external drive it still works an in Rhino nothing happened. Sometimes a few minutes later I forget that there is no save drive anymore and I work and work on the open Rhino file. If I want to close Rhino I cannot save about the “save and close dialogue” because the drive is no longer aviable. I have to found another place for the data an this is not a got solution.

There is only an error if the drive is not ejected correctly. This is an OSX thing, not controlled by Rhino.

Why would you eject an external HD if you know the file you are working on is saved there?

You could always duplicate the file to your main HD then move it once the external drive is reconnected.

If you saved your file and then kick out your external drive normally you have to stop your work but in some cases you see something in the data while closing it like “oh there I have to draw a new line” and so you doesn’t stop work and forget that you have no drive to save.
I think a small message in Rhino like “careful, connection to your drive is lost. You like to close your file or keep it?” would be enough.