URGENT Setting mesh as monocolour not as photos mapped?


I am working in Shaded mode with SetObjectDisplayMode set to rendered, as in rendered view I have the texture selected and showing on the mesh.

I need to TOGGLE. between mesh with texture mapped and the monocolour view , which in Agisoft is called SOLID.

All looks well, I make a section and its wriggly. I then see in Agisoft its across a rough pitted area, yet texture makes B look good. I make one through the rim, result a bit odd, texture makes me believe its a good section for the rim, etc. consult Agisoft and A where I made the section is a poor area.

As I making sections I need to TOGGLE between texture and this monocolour mode.

Where in rhinoV5 can this quickly be done ?

I dont want to be turning off texture then having to browse for the jpg again each time. !


I guess you might need to create a new display mode that is a copy of Rendered then change the “Color and material usage” to “Single color for all objects”, or “Custom material…” and create a flat white/gray material.

I have in properties made a copy of rendered mode and altered “Color and Material usage” to single colour and chosen a dull violet, but the mesh remained as the jpg and the objects so far created have gone that colour. As I need my objects as per their layer colours, I presume the next way, “Custom Material” and create a material of a single colour is the only option here.

I make a copy of the texture.jpg and make it pale grey.

With a copy of rendered called Rendered single colour, and NO changes in properties, I then select that variant of rendered in the perspective window, then select mesh, alter the .jpg to the grey, and here is what I get:-

its not showing me the lumps and bumps etc.


V5 bumping this up as desperate need to see the bumpy monocolor image (violet one) to carry on with work.


Anyone please,

I desperately need to see where the bumps are, need to make sections and progress the job.

I must be able to see the true texture before making sections.

This is a basic vital need for anyone dealing with meshes.


I am desperate for this PLEASE.
I am placing sections through areas that turn out to be rough and give unusable sections.

How do I get the view of the violet wheel not the image clad wheel ?


Hello- try RebuildMesh and RebuildMeshNormals


Thanks thats now turned my mesh into a very dark blue grey.
Where do I alter that to violet ?
How do I easily toggle (switch) between that and the previous image clad mesh , using the hi res image ?

Should I have duplicated the layer and done that to the copy layer and toggled using layer visibility ?

I really need to stay with one mesh layer as if I move the layer all will be out of sych.

So I need to toggle how its display somehow.


Hi Steve -

If the Shaded mode works as you want it, you could use NewFloatingViewport to get a viewport where there is no SetObjectDisplayMode and all objects would show shaded.

Hi Wim,
when first imported, and I always start with Rhino Shaded view mode, it comes in as with the image texture but not so detailed. I have yet to see it showing lumps and holes and bumps in a single colour, as per the image at start of thread.

If the Shaded mode works as you want it,

so shaded mode doesnt give me the single colour bumps showing mode.

Pascals method works, though I have again yet to know how to alter the colour as its very dark blue grey, a midtone like that violet is best, but then I need to toggle between that and the textured hi res mode (method you told me of (assign material by object, click colour browse to the .jpg that obj made.)

Need to solve:-
1, if use Pascal way then how to change colour
2. show also the hi res texture. in a easy toggle way.


Hi Steve, without the mesh, it is not really possible to help.


Hi Pascal,
How can I send this mesh to you ?

i.e send the obj, the mesh file the mtl and the jpg that Agisoft made.