Urgent problem with interface

Hello, i have installed rhino a few days ago and it worked fine. After a couple of days, in which i had no problem, i created a file using contour lines imported from autocad and then the command “patch”. When i closed the file and opened another one the interface was all black except from the view “perspective”. All the other 3 views were black. I tried the “4view” command an some others but nothing worked. I also deleted rhino and reinstalled it but now when it opens the whole interface is black. If i select a file,right click and open with rhino 6, only then the view perspective shows up but the other three are still black. I recently updated my driver in the graphic card so i dont think that this might be a problem. Please help.

Make sure Rhino, Windows, and your video card are up-to-date.

If that doesn’t work run SystemInfo and post the results.

By this, of course, Jim means video card DRIVER, although it’s also conceivable that your video card itself could be so old it won’t support Rhino 6.

Thank you for responding.

i checked and everything seems up to date. I did the latest update on my video card driver 5 days ago. To get to system info i had to select an existing file of rhino and right click to open it, when i tried to open the rhino 6 from its icon it didnt respond to any command at all.


Late reply, but I see your Intel HD graphics 5500 has a driver from 3-8-2017
I should update that.