URGENT Please help! Need to get pipe sitting on two different surfaces

I am trying to create a pipe with 16mm radius that sits on the corner of my two surfaces all the way round and is in contact with both surfaces all the way through but making sure the radius of the pipe doesn’t change

I though it would have something to do with the tangent of the surfaces at several points but now i’m just confused. Please help!!!

Need Help ASAP.gh (6.8 KB) Need Help.gh (6.8 KB)

Hi @marcus.michau900,

You need to either

  • Internalise your curves, or
  • Also upload the .3dm file you referenced your curves from

As for anyone opnening your file it will look like this:

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Aluminium hull.3dm (3.3 MB) Oh my bad, I thought I had attached it.
Here it is…

Guess it wasn’t all that URGENT!

Still is, its just one part of a big project.

A pipe that intersects the edge of the 2 surfaces will also intersect both surfaces, is this what you want?

Here is the definition, it constructs a pipie with radius 16 on which the originall edge-curve lies.

Need Help.gh (17.7 KB)

Thanks Lando,
I was actually hoping the pipe would sit on top of the surfaces so the so it is on the inside of the two surfaces.

Does that make sense??


on top in a 3d context is not clearly defined.
Can you make a Sketch or Show some 3d geometry?

OffsetSrf by the 16mm pipe radius the two surfaces the pipe is to be in tangential contact with. Intersect the offest surfaces. The intersection curve is the centerline of the pipe.