URGENT open Objects distorted after running perspective macro is 4months work safe?

Hi Steve,

The macro you have posted will not run anyway because there is a typo in it. Did you copy and paste it or retype it into your post?


There is no “non native command” - a macro is simply one or more native commands strung together with appropriate option values. Its like a player piano, playing the same notes you do manually, but potentially quicker, and repeatably.

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Done that five times and no squashing. Try it yourself in your test file (not your work file so you’re not living in fear!) and keep going until you repeat the problem or dawn breaks. Then report back.

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I offered you help with this in one of your other threads three days ago:

If you feel the issue is urgent, you might want to post the files there.


see first post, a macro I had from Pascal to make vertical the view in perspective, did it, not the 4view command, that was suggested to try and fix it, but didnt work. The geometry got changed on what was on show immediately at the time the Pascal perspectiveView macro was run.

I simply copy pasted it from Pascals post where he supplied it in the thread about a gumball control for perspective view.

I am working flat out trying to get this massive project finished, 4 weeks behind now, wrecking life, lost two days due to the images thing, working to 3am, its 1.34am and not eaten yet, exiting stage left now, I will post what you suggest as soon as Rhino allows me to have a day without some catastrophe.


No it didn’t change anything. Nothing in that macro can scale your geometry. Nothing. NOTHING. Stop it. Either you actually ran something else or you had some weird views setup that led you to actually build squashed geometry, which seems quite likely given the baffling previous thread you got that macro from…though looking at your sample file it’s obvious the geometry has been scaled and not built that way, otherwise the wall thickness would be constant. If everything has just been squished a bit, use scale1D to stretch it back out.