Urgent help with model export to cutting folding machine

I am having a problem with the stp export of model parts, which are to be cut and folded by a machine.
In the enclosed file, i am exporting the solid via stp. They can open it, but their software wont unfold it, since they say it breaks apart at the joins, and there appears to be a line at the joins.(see screen shot they sent me)

The only option seems to be for me to pay to have one of their people re-draw the thing in solidworks…

Rhino itself can unfold the joined outer surfaces (see file) so it seems to me that its ok.
The model is valid, there are no naked edges…

Anyone any ideas?
I have used rhino before to have large stuff cut with no problem (different company, and that was just cutting, not folding)) but I am at a loss here…

Thanks for any help - we are on a tight deadline…

…and now the forum wont accept either the file or the picture - keeps reporting after 60~90% upload progress that there is a problem and try again.
I’m just dragging and dropping the files - something else I should be doing???


Steve Baer recently posted something under the “Meta” topic saying that his most recent update of the Discourse software had something screwed up that broke the attachment capability.

I don’t know about you or your situation, but personally I would be highly suspicious of a new supplier who has mysterious problems that require them to perform expensive additional work. Can’t your original supplier do the folding? Aren’t there others, perhaps with different folding software?

This is not to discourage you from assuming a Rhino translation issue and seeking to identify and fix it, since it is certainly a valid possibility as well.


Send the file to tech@mcneel.com please and I’ll take a look. I would also like to know the file formats they support and if you have tried any others. Would it also be step from SW if they remodeled? If so, what flavor do they usually use… 203, 214 etc.?

Thanks Brian - I have sent you the file.

I belive it would be step export from SW as well - i will check what flavour.


Hi Tony,

I think the issue here was that the edges were out of tolerance in relation to the file tolerance. You can see this in the What command as compared to the Unit tolerance in Options for the file. Did this model come from SW? Can I get the original model? The edges weren’t able to join in a few spots after Explode>RebuildEdges. Due to this tolerance issue, I believe the model was being pulled apart in the folding application but that’s a guess. I sent you a file to look at via our tech support conversation… just posting here too for others.