Urgent help for non-working plugin (rhino6, SR16)

need urgent help with a plugin,
i had the plugin originally written for rhino4 and it also worked flawlessly under rhino5.
after installing rhino6 and the plugin, rhino performed a compatibility check, which passed. and the plugin worked for some time. then at a specific point it did not load. this could be “solved” by restarting rhino and the plugin several times, also sometimes restating the OS.

now, since installing the latest rhino service release the situation is like this:

  • the plugin was checked again for compatibility when first started, test passed
  • the plugin shows up in the plugin manager and is also labeled as loaded and checked as enabled
  • when starting any of the plugin commands, the command pops up in the command prompt (no “unknown command” message) but nothing else happens and the prompt reverts to “Command:”

i already tried erasing the plugin from the folder, restarted the machine and reinstalled the plugin by dragging it into the “C:\Program Files\Rhino 6\Plug-ins” folder and from there to the viewport, which gave the same result as discribed above.

could anybody please help? i need it to work urgently as i have a running job, which i cannot complete without the plugin.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Hi - have you tried reverting to SR 15 to check if the issue is really caused by the latest SR?
Can you still run the plug-in on Rhino 5?

yes, it worked flawlessly in V5.
meanwhile it is running again (don´t know for how long). what i did was the following:

  • plugin manager … check “ask to load disabled plugin”
  • when restarting rhino i got a message about asking if a plugin should be loaded. if i remember exactly, it was something about rhinoscript. is it possible, it asked me if it should load rhinoscript (as a plugin)?
  • since that the plugin works again. strangely the “enabled” checkbox of the plugin is now “UNchecked” in the plugin manager (before this it was checked)

i dont want to go back to SR15 or experiment too much now. i will leave rhino open and the computer on until my job is finished.