Urgent for Architecture students please help

Basic Design Midterm Rhino.3dm (92.1 KB)
Basic Design Midterm Rhino.gh (12.7 KB)

Please if it is possible do something similiar
We have a midterm project everything is fine but we couldnt do the rhino file

The geometry seems to be missing in your file. I can only see the bounding box edge points.

ı couldn’t do the curves maybe you can send a kangroo template. I couldn’t even figure it out how to start.

A couple of things:

  1. You don’t need curves: K2 can do that for you. But the more the Mesh is “uniform” the better (and faster) the results. So per given Polyline find the CenterPoint, define the triangles and subdivide the resulting tri Meshes … then call K2 to save the day (hope dies last).
  2. Given that this is more or less a collection of rnd anchor pts (+ their tension cables) you should FIRST check the collection: pts must be not coplanar and ideally (for a given average [i.e. fitted] plane) one point should be “up” and the next “down” (Dot Product vs the plane Z).
  3. Then you should test the collections for clash events (prior / after relaxation - general case).
  4. Always separate the naked Mesh edges from the clothed ones as we do in real life membrane solutions. Plus we have the anchor to membrane tension cables: in total 3 different spring force params are required.
  5. Hard to think how to implement tension cables to anchors without code.

BTW: For various reasons this is not a task for a novice .

Here’s a “similar” case (but the membrane has a “tube” like Topology)

And that’s how it starts: