Upper toolbar with tabs don't want to change size to its original height


I am using Rhino 5 (64-bit) SR5 (5.5.30627.15215, 27. 6. 2013) release running on Windows 8, 64-bit.
I have a problem to get back the original height of the upper toolbar. When I drag the bottom edge of the toolbar row up by mouse, trying to get back the height, it stops in some height (27px) bellow the inside icons and don’t want go up to be thinner as it was first time. Is it bug or wrong setting? How to fix it? It takes lots of unused space.

See video Rhino 5_upper toolbar behaviour bug_mp4 video.zip (11MB)
See attached picture:

Thanks for your help.

I also had the problem. Rhino has a bug here for several Service Releases now (started somewhere around SR2), about this and the size of floating toolbars (it appeared together, so I guess it is the same). RMA, can we please get a statement if this is known and that it will be fixed? It is really pretty annoying. :-/


I have not seen this before- does it behave any better if you undock the toolbar that is on the right? @JohnM do you have an idea?


No it does not help. It behaves same way if there is or is not the toolbar on the right side.
I forgot to mention that I am using 64-bit Rhino, but it does not work in 32-bit Rhino too.

See attached video of the behaviour (it is ZIPed mp4 file, 11MB)

Rhino 5_upper toolbar behaviour bug_mp4 video.zip

It appears to have something to do with the fact that you only have one row of tool bars docked at the top. If I dock something above them it works fine. I am checking into this now and will try to have a fix in the next service release.


I was able to get this fixed and included in the next SR5 release candidate build.

Thanks, it will be super :slight_smile: