Upper part witout edges "frown"

Hi everybody!! I’ll try to explain, with my poor english: I have to model the cover of a parfume bootle… so, I did a curve, square with rounded angle, and four curves for the curved surface … when the curve network is done, I have always the “ghost” of the corners, as “shrinks” on the surface, from each angle to the center… how to get a really smooth surface, but keeping the square “rounded” edge as a base??

Hi celmar - please post the curves, there is no good way to help without seeing what you’ve got.



unfortunely, I don’t understand how to upload a picture… ???

Just drag and drop.

thank you!!! very simple!!!

in fact, I have solved my problem by creating a flat curve surface, then rebuild, then gently drag the center control points up... But I should want to understand why, using network curve, I have these marked edges!!

Hi celmar - see the attached:

Pillow_PG.3dm (128.0 KB)

That is one way to get at this type of shape.