Uploading to Decentraland

Dear All,

I hope you are doing well.
I’m wondering if anyone uploaded a file from Rhino to Decentraland?
I did modeled in Rhino, installed format for Decentaland but when I upload my model all textures and materials are gone.

can someone help me?

There is a plugin for Rhino to export to decentraland? :open_mouth:

سلام امیر حسین . خوبی
منم همین مشکل رو دارم متریال رو نمیخونه لطفا اگر راهشو پیدا کردی به منم بگو
وقتی فایل رو وارد دیسنترالند میکنم و توش بخوام راه برم از دیوار رد میشه و در و دیوار رو تشخیص نمیده اگر راه حلی برای این پیدا کردی ممنونت میشم راهنماییم کنی .
مرسی امیرجان

Not much info linked here on Decentraland, so I’m still wondering what that plug-in or fileformat is. Can’t help without enough info, so if you have more info on how that uploading process works feel free to post.

And please do reply in English.

i wonder if it would make sense to implement an auto translate like facebook does, many just do not speak english thought it is considered as the 2nd main world language (after chinese which is spoken, well… mostly in china i guess)