Uploading Older versions of Add-ins in Grasshopper

Can anybody help we with why I get this message when trying to use older versions of kangaroo? I believe I have installed it, as i can see all of the components but when I place any of them I receive this message that is in the image attached.

1 - Does anybody know the reason this happens?
2 - Do you know how to solve it?

Would be much appreciated.

@samuel2, very strange. What version of Rhino are you using?

@DavidRutten is it possible for the “Unrecognised Objects” dialog to pop up when adding components to the canvas?

I am using Rhino 6, and yes the ‘Unrecognised Objects’ dialog appears when i add the components to the canvas.

If the component in question is a user object cluster, then maybe. I’ll need to look into when the cluster internal document is deserialised to be sure.

It is all of the components for the previous versions of Kangeroo.