Uploading 2 nd copy rhino


I bought an education copy ie 1, I installed it on my mac laptop and the screen is too small so I uploaded a second copy to my pc, windows xp sp3, it installwd ok but when I go in to the rhino program it wont open because it says, ‘cannot create surface with video’ ? Please help.


Do you mean that Rhino itself won’t open, or that a 3dm model that you saved from the Mac won’t open? Also: are you using Rhino 5? 32 bit or 64 bit? 64 bit Rhino 5 isn’t supported on Win XP. I’m not familiar with the message you mentioned, but it seems to suggest that your PC’s video card isn’t up to Rhino’s needs. Have you installed the latest driver from the video card manufacturer? And what video card does your PC have in it?


Thanks, I have rhino 5 and my computer is a 32 bit. I wasn’t given an
option of 32 or 64 bit when uploading so assumed it auto did 32 bit? Also,
I’m really new to computers, how do I find out about the graphics card on
my computer, I haven’t bought any new so assume there was some there on my
computer when I bought it. Yes, rhino itself won’t open.


I’ve never seen or heard of a message “cannot create surface with video” coming from Rhino… Are you sure that’s exactly what it says?

Have you tried starting Rhino in safe mode? (Start>All Programs>Rhinoceros5>Rhinoceros 5 in safe mode). If you can then let us know…



yes thank you it does open in safe mode now.

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There’s some confusion here.
As the System Requirements page for Rhino reports, Rhino V5 will work with 32-bit Windows XP SP3, and both 32 and 64-bit Vista/Win7/Win8. Only 64-bit WinXP is not supported because Microsoft dropped it before SP3 was released.

You misused the term “upload” multiple times. Based on the context of your message, I’ll assume you meant to use the term “Install”. Upload and Download are used to describe moving files (usually data files), from one storage location to another. Upload usually implies you send a file away, and Download usually implied bring a file to your computer.

When Rhino V5 is installed on a 64-bit operating system, both 32 and 64-bit versions are installed. 32-bit Rhino is limited to using 4GB RAM but it can load and run plug-ins intended for Rhino V4. 64-bit will use all the RAM on your system, but requires plug-ins built specifically for it.

Safe Mode is a troubleshooting tool for diagnosing start up errors. It is not a “working” mode. It blocks plug-ins and OpenGL graphics from starting. Both can cause Rhino to crash on start up.

Since your Rhino V5 starts in Safe mode and not normally, you have begun the process to determine the actual problem.
Here is a link to a Wiki page with the details to finish the job and get your Rhino running properly:

If you have further questions, please reply back here or send a detailed description of the problem to tech@mcneel.com