Upload and Lunchbox compatibility

Hi there,
I just tried to upload an update of a model and I recieved a error message that’s saying there’s an issue of compatibilty with a Lunchbox component in my definition. I’m okay that I use several Lunchbox components (7 components of 3 different kinds), for a long time now and I never had such an issue…

However today, i recieved this message :

But when I check the Lunchbox disallowed components, I can’t find any of them in my definition.
I maybe miss something but I’m also a bit comfused… :wink: Can you help me, pls ?

Hi @julien.chilou, we rolled out an update to Lunchbox 2.5 hours ago. The plugin didn’t get loaded properly due to a problem while updating it. This has been fixed, please let me know whether you are still experiencing the error message when uploading your model.

That explains it!

Thank you for your reactivity.

The upload went well and the model is tolerated by our app. I’m going to do some advanced tests to see if everything goes correctly on the other models. I’ll keep you updated
I’m glad that lunchbox is updated, even if it was a bit of a challenge for us. :sweat_smile: :hot_face:

Sorry for the inconvenience. We do our best not to disturb operations, but Murphy hits where he can, plugin updates are especially delicate :wink:

After a few days of testing, everything seems to return to normal.
Thank you for your reactivity.