Upgrading to VRay 3.x : network license changes?

We are in the process of upgrading to Vray 3.x. We currently use a network license server. I am hoping some others here may have some direct experience, hence the question being asked here!

In Vray 2.x, we could have vray installed on all of our studio’s workstations, but a license was only “pulled” when the machine was actively rendering. It was then released when the render was done. Is this still the case in Vray 3.x? From what I am reading, it seems like the license will be “pulled” when a user opens rhino?

Anyone have any direct experience? I have an open request with vray technical support as well.

There’s a different license for the GUI (when you work in Rhino) and for rendering.

really? I’ll have to read up on that. My concern is that, once we upgrade, licenses will be pulled when a user simply opens rhino (assuming they have vray installed of course). This would be a problem for us as we have more Rhino licenses than we do Vray licenses.

Yes, you might have to change the V-Ray plug-in behavior to load on demand only, not automatically when you start Rhino.

Thanks Marc. I was able to get a little more clarity from Vray support. Here is their response to my question:

V-Ray 3 licenses are two types - interface and render node. The interface license is obtained when you use the V-Ray menus inside Rhino, the render node license is obtained when you start rendering. When you start Rhino, until you open the V-Ray menu or start rendering, no license will be consumed, even if V-Ray is set as the default renderer.

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