Upgrading Rhino broke it. How do I install the previous version?

I’m using OS X and Parallels. I’m aware this is unsupported. I used the Mac version before I realized almost none of the Grasshopper apps work in Mac, so it felt like a bit of a bait and switch after I’d already bought the license. So I need to roll back. How do I download the previous version?

The issue is I can’t drag or manipulate the viewports, and get these window rendering issues:

this is exactly why parallels is not supported. You were lucky it worked before at all… you are only a parallels update away from having it quit working again, even with the older version. It simply is a bad platform for running rhino.

FWIW- We don’t bait and switch. Our software comes with a money back guarantee…Not happy? return it and we’ll give your $$ back.

Please email tech@mcneel.com and request a previous version.

What previous version are you wanting to “roll back” to? A previous service release or V5?

Yes, that was a bit uncalled for. Sorry. I’ve spent the last six hours trying to get wifi to work in bootcamp and am throwing up my on hands on that one. I’ll email McNeel.

What grasshopper add ons are not working for you on Mac? I know some don’t work, but many others do.

I was wrong, it’s not a parallels issue. It looks the same in boot camp.

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and paste the results here. This may help us determine what may be the cause of problems on bootcamp