Upgrade to 6 old files will not load

Hi, Just upgraded to V6 and none of my existing files will load. No errors, just never-ending spinning symbol.

Then, When I open a new file, in the viewports I can’t see anything. If I draw something and select all, I see from the select count that there is something there but nothing visible.

Any tips on what to try on either of these upgrade problems?


Can you run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here?

Hi, Running SystemInfo jogged my memory and I was able to find a solution.

Thanks for the reply!

I was going to suggest a PLIST reset.

That was it John! Sorry I forgot to mention the solution.


Exactly the same problem returned today. Went through the PLIST process again but this time no luck. I have attached the sysinfo file.

Any other ideas?

rhinosysinfo.txt (3.3 KB)

What is the version of Mac V5 is still on your system?
Back some time ago, a service release for V5 was required so both V5 and V6 could use the same PLIST.

Is it 5.5.4?

Yes, 5.5.4 (5F93)

Any ideas on this?

The first time I had a problem was when I first installed, replacing V5. Then I reloaded V5 so I could work for the rest of the day. Next day V6 worked, although any time I would copy and paste or insert a block it took up to a min to complete the command. Then today I went back to work and V6 acted the same as when I first installed, can’t open existing files and new file viewports are all white so can’t see anything in them.

Thanks for the help.

Please run SystemInfo again and post the results.
Maybe there is something there.

Hi @mcnaden-

I see you have a number of third-party kernel extensions loaded:

Third party kernel extensions
  com.avast.FileShield (4.0.0) 0B9FE58B-1AA3-3873-9E0F-BEC1842AB578
  com.avast.PacketForwarder (2.1) 61DFB6DC-2B55-38A5-9C71-A775FD0DBDF5
  com.intego.ContentBarrier.extension (3161) E527AB00-BA27-3048-AC39-185A4CB33978
  com.intego.ContentBarrier.safe-boot (3161) 9EF93A61-4CBE-32E1-AAA2-5FD586CE046C
  com.intego.netbarrier.kext.monitor (467) 90BF4E49-4F98-3401-8282-B63C85D75445
  com.intego.netbarrier.kext.network (467) ADB79339-61BB-3BCB-A4F9-127F39A02A7E
  com.intego.netbarrier.kext.process (467) B6BDDAD1-C736-392E-A520-104FCBB85B2F
  com.intego.virusbarrier.kext.realtime (1621) 34DE0B4E-137E-3883-8971-686428DD2B59

Most look related to (two different?) anti-virus softwares. I’m not sure this is related to your issues, but I would like to rule them out, because I don’t see any other red-flags in your information.

I’m curious what happens when you boot to safe-mode (which disables these extensions until you reboot). Does the problem go away?

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