Upgrade Rhino 5.0 Mac to Rhino 6.0

When you buy an upgrade now, can you upgrade Rhino 5.0 Mac to Rhino 6.0 (Windows) and use it on a Mac machine using Paralel or Bootcamp?
Additional question: Is the use in this case of the Cloud Zoo possible?

Yes. Bootcamp supported. Parallels - you’re on your own. A note, V6 is more video card/driver sensitive than V5, so you may want to check how recent your video drivers are under Bootcamp and if you can update them if necessary.

It should work, I think, I don’t see why not if you have a V6 license running in a Windows environment and internet access.


Thank you Mitch for your answer

Do you also know the answer of the first part of the question?

When you buy an upgrade for Rhino 6.0 now, can you give a Mac key Rhino 5.0 into an upgrade to Rhino 6.0 (Windows)?
Or is that only possible when Rhino is getting one version (later this year).

Sorry, I didn’t realize that was a question - yes, you can.

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Thank you, the customer will be happy with your answer :slight_smile: