Upgrade renderbatch from macro to script

Sometimes I need to render a lot, sometimes not at all. Atm a lot. I use RhinoCycles. I was always fine with just a simple macro as batch render. Computer renders at night in the office.

Currently I feel that macros become too much of a hassle for me and I’d like to be more flexible. Want to try scripting it.

There are several languages for scripting, which would be the most simple/native/efficient/appropriate for a render batch script?

My macro usually looks something like this:

I restore a Snapshot that has the Materials saved:
-Snapshots Restore "Snapshot-01" _EnterEnd

then I render a few saved views:
-NamedView Restore "view-01" _Enter -SetDisplayMode Mode=Raytraced -ViewCaptureToFile Width=3000 Height=2000 NumberOfPasses=3000 "C:\folder\file-01.png" -SetDisplayMode Mode=Wireframe

after that another snapshot which has different materials assigned to objects gets loaded:
-Snapshots Restore "Snapshot-02" _EnterEnd

rendering the saved views again,
different materials again via more snapshots…

Any similar example files that I could learn from?