Upgrade from trial to full version questions


I have been trying the Flamingo NXT trial version and I like it a lot. I already did quite a few experiments that I would like to keep.

If I buy the full license version will I be able to use those experiments done with the trial version without data loss ?

Will I have to uninstall the trial version to install the full version ?

Thank you

Any files you successfully saved with Flamingo data will stay, and there should not be any problems when you re-open them with a full version installed. Normally it is not necessary to uninstall the trial version in order to install the full version, but I can’t remember how the full version installer deals with that - whether it auto uninstalls the trial version and/or keeps your libraries settings etc… Maybe someone like @scottd can answer that one.

At some point it will be possible to convert Flamingo trial licenses into full licenses with a code (no re-install necessary) - something that is already possible with Rhino, but I don’t think has arrived for Flamingo yet.


Thank you for the explanation Mitch