Updating toolbars from RUI files

If a plugin installs an RUI, as described in this guide, the user can grab the “tab” of the toolbar and drag it into the tabs of the default toolbar. When this happens, the RUI data (toolbar,macros) is copied into the default.rui.

If the update procedure in the guide is followed, the toolbar is correctly updated, but not the toolbar that was copied into the default toolbar. Is there a procedure for removing toolbars that have been copied into the “default.rui?”

I noticed that all the copied data does contain an “ImportedFromFileGuid” attribute. So I could remove all nodes in the default.rui that contain this attribute with my RUI file’s GUID. But I’m imagining a better method was envisioned.

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There is currently no way to get the data that was imported into default.rui to update at the current time. Eventually I would like to add some sort of version check that would update when the version number changes but it is not currently in the product.