Updating Rhino-Python in Atom failed

Trying to upgrade from 0.7.1 to 0.8.2 fails in Atom on OSX 10.11.6

Is it just me?

Thanks, Randy

not sure… it installed fine for me.

(though i already had it installed… maybe something with the package has changed since then)

Thanks Jeff, for letting me know it does install. I remember this happened before. I will try again after next restart.

Hi Randy,

Could you updade rhino-python?


I just saw your question, so i did a restart and the update to 0.8.2 from 0.7.1 still fails.

I wonder if it is some of the npm stuff I may have installed? I will also check to see if it is Xcode command line tools ?

Nothing at any of the error locations mentioned in the failed output info.

Reinstalling command line tools to see if that is it

That did it …

I just needed a nudge, thanks @Alain

Great! I’m guessing that the command line tools upgrading git did the trick.

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Is there a way to install this in windows? Thanks!

Hi. Sorry not at the moment.