Updating multi-component metahopper snippit User Object Properties


(Leland Curtis) #1


I’m a big fan of Metahopper. Thanks for the great work. How can I update the User Object Properties of multi-component snippits created with metahopper?

For example, I want to update the subcategory. Usually, I could select the component in the canvas, and File-> Create User Object auto-fills all the existing parameters so I can adjust them and resave. However, this is greyed out if my snippit is a collection of components.
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I don’t want to redo all the details of every multi-component snippit every time I want to make a minor change, or if I notice I made a spelling mistake. Is there a better way to do this?

(Andrew Heumann) #3

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Snippets are just a hack on top of built-in user object functionality - since they don’t support actual editing, delete-and-recreate is the only option. The create user object native dialog inherits its properties from the selected object - since create snippet holds onto multiple objects it cannot do the same.