Updating multi-component metahopper snippit User Object Properties


I’m a big fan of Metahopper. Thanks for the great work. How can I update the User Object Properties of multi-component snippits created with metahopper?

For example, I want to update the subcategory. Usually, I could select the component in the canvas, and File-> Create User Object auto-fills all the existing parameters so I can adjust them and resave. However, this is greyed out if my snippit is a collection of components.
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I don’t want to redo all the details of every multi-component snippit every time I want to make a minor change, or if I notice I made a spelling mistake. Is there a better way to do this?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. Snippets are just a hack on top of built-in user object functionality - since they don’t support actual editing, delete-and-recreate is the only option. The create user object native dialog inherits its properties from the selected object - since create snippet holds onto multiple objects it cannot do the same.


First, thanks for the good work, the shortcuts save so much time!

Second, I’m running into the same problem. The workaround you suggested sounds good, but where to delete the first (faulty) snippet so it doesn’t show up twice when I type the snippet name?


Go to your User Objects folder and delete the old one from there. I believe you can also right-click it in the component toolbar and choose “Delete User Object” image