Updating Mesh Boundary Without Restarting Kangaroo Simulation

Hi all!

If anyone has time, I would appreciate some advice / input on ways the outline of a mesh can be adjusted in real time in Kangaroo, without having to restart the simulation (resetting the solver).

The script and rhino file attached show my current process - the areas that are held on particular planes, via the ‘on plane’ component, can be adjusted in real time via moving around the selection curves in the rhino file. This is really useful as I can get a sense of what changing their sizes and relationship to eachother does to the mesh without having to restart the simulation from scratch.

I would love to also be able to change the outer curve, that defines the overall shape of the mesh, to see how adjusting this curve impacts the simulation in real time. However this seems a lot more difficult to do, and I haven’t found a good strategy to do so at the moment (no attempt is made in the script / file I’ve attached.)

I have attached the files, and also a couple of images just to contextualise what I’m trying to do - the meshes are aiming to simulate the behaviour of timber veneers (so remain developable), and the screenshot shows a simulated sheet which is then trimmed and flattened again (the trim and flatten process is not included in the attached script for simplicity).

Would really appreciate any thoughts / help, and apologies for what I’m sure are loads of inefficiencies in my script, I am pretty new to Grasshopper!

Thank you!


Rhino Forum Example Doc.3dm (90.0 KB)
Rhino Forum Example Doc.gh (49.6 KB)