Updating menus, toolbars

After latest WIP 7 installation I have this message popping up each time I start WIP 7. In fact it has been happening since the previous build. I ignored it because I hardly use WIP 7 but now if I load V7 and close it and than start V6 I get updating toolbars message too. It looks like buggy V7 spills into V6 now. Interestingly enough, if I go with V6 without loading V7 first, PLEASE WAIT message won’t pop up.



A report was added for this just last week.
The symptom is a little different though.

If you start the WIP, it will update menus, toolbar, etc.
If you close the WIP and start it again, it does not.
If you start V6, it will update menus.

It’s when you alternate back and forth between the WIP and V6 you see this every time.
It’s on the list to be figured out and fixed.

Okay. Thanks John, I’ll take your word for it…:slight_smile:

There is another minor nuisance I can tell you about with too many saving requests. It’s almost like V6 is back where V5 left off. When opening previously saved file from splash menu I get saving request of the new file, even though I never made a single click inside it. Moreover, on many occasions when saving file and closing it I get pop up if I want to save it, which I just did…:slight_smile:


It would be helpful if you could verify that symptom and report back.
There was a report, I messed with it, and determined that detail on one of my systems.

It looks like the situation is getting worse with every few months. Now besides updating toolbars and saving file bonanza since I posted my first message I have to contend with Rhino 6 Needs a License "enhancement ". On the last two occasions after updating WIP 7 and trying to start Rhino 6 afterwards, besides the usual Updating toolbars and settings I’m getting something extra, a License request or rhino won’t start. My desktop is stand alone node, I practice no Zoo or any other cloud computing nonsense and yet is’t not enough to keep my license in good standing…