Updating custom toolbars

Hi, I’m trying to use the new R8 toolbar system to push scripts to my colleagues. In theory, using the .rhc to just give them the container works great. The issue I ran into is when I edited previously created buttons. Apparently, on my machine this edit just saves into an .xml file? And when I try to give them the updated .rhc, any new buttons show up correctly, but the edited ones do not update. I tried distributing the updated toolbar under a new name, and through .rui, and got the same/similar issue (the old buttons show up empty using .rui).

I saw @Helvetosaur describing some of these issues a while back, and this seems like an even more fundamental functionality problem. Currently, I just cant find a way to update custom toolbars. Can I somehow do it, or will this behaviour be fixed?

I’m currently on version 8.4.

Edit no. 1: Partially solved by using ExportRuiFile, the buttons now have correct commands, just no names

please grab the latest SR from help>check for updates

the toolbar system is getting lots of attention from devs to address reported issues.

I don’t intend to derail the topic but given that this is the case, could they make sure to not leave out fixing RH-79363 please?

I do want to eventually make the switch to R8 but some things (like the aforementioned bug) are holding me back.