Updating ApplyCurvePiping mesh

I have suggested that ApplyCurvePiping command does not ignore linetypes. I got my wish and even short video made by Brian James. Now I wish to update the ApplyCurvePiping mesh quickly. Every time I change the linetype, I have to update the piping mesh manually by selecting the curves, turning the curve piping off, and turning it on. It would be convenient to eliminate the manual updating. The piping mesh should update automatically when I change the linetype.

To the best of my knowledge, the fastest way to update the piping mesh of many curves is using SetLinetypeScale command.

This seems to be updating immediately here in the RH6 WIP. There can be other factors chiming in of course, so have you tried to reproduce the issue in the WIP? [As you know, RH5 won’t be updated anymore].