Updates to both 7 and WIP still unavailable

Up until this week, updates worked. Even as It was always strange that it took about 24 hours from the time of announcement until they become available here…?
But this week, it is already Friday and they are not available.

I can go to the webpage and update manually from there…
but would like to figure out what is the issue preventing the updates
[tried with the Update Now button, and well as the Check in the manu.

Can this be somehow related to me having upgrade the OS from Catalina to Big Sur ? I’ve tried to see if Big Sur is blocking the updates… but I can not find any indication for such

thanks a lot

This should be fixed for the Service Release Candidate channel (as well as the RhinoWIP channel). We are still working on the Service Release channel.

Thanks for reporting this @Akash

Service Release channel should be working now as well.

Thanks a lot both are updating now.