Update User Texte with grasshopper



Hi all,

I would like update user text in rhino object with grasshopper or plugin, it’s possible ?

Curently i used human but it forces me to bake and remove the old object…

thanks for all



(Travis Serio) #3

If you just need to add attribute user text to an existing document object from Grasshopper then one way you could do it is to add a script component and reference SetUserString from RhinoCommon.

Here’s a quick example that will add My String / My Value to an existing doc object.
You’d need to do some more work if you wanted to detect keys and values added outside of Grasshopper.

(Andrew Heumann) #4

you don’t need to bake and remove an object to update its user text with Human - you can use “Modify Attributes” with “Create Attributes” to edit the attributes of an existing object. image


Oo it’s cool ! Thanks @andheum
I was missing the latest version of human.



Thanks @Trav but i used Human it’s great plugin !
I keep your code handy it can help


Hi @Rhymone, I use Elefront plugin http://www.elefront.info/
Do you see any reason to prefer Human ?


no I use it since the creation I believe !
Human it’s great pugin for me…


I use both Human and Elefront.

Human seems to be crafted with more error trapping and stability in mind, but it lacks a few components for easily referencing blocks and exploding them in a practical fashion.
In particular, I like Elefront’s “Insert Block by name” component, and “Explode Block” with it’s “Recursive” and “One level” options.
It makes life much easier when dealing with blocks with a known structure.
Human can deal with any block structure, but using it for simple structures comes at the expense of lots of path manangement.