Update text propery of ListItem element in Eto

Hello @curtisw

Small question: I have a list of radio buttons defined as RadioButtonList, which is added into dynamic layout. RBs are added as rblist.items.add(elname, elkey)
I would like to update Text property of particular radio button in the list, I am using:

rblist.Items(0).Text = "Updated Text"

However text is not updated in the layout.
Any hint why?


Hey @Dmitriy, to do that one way would be to replace the item at that element instead of just setting its text. For example (I’m not sure what language you’re using, but I guess VB due to the parenthesis for the index):

rblist.Items(0) = New ListItem(Text = "Updated Text", Key = rblist.Items(0).Key)

Hope this helps!