Update of Help Needed with Cycles for Rhino Mac

Im getting a Vega 64 eGPU setup so ill test that and keep y’all updated.

You set two passes, so it does only two. You need to set the number of passes to something higher, say 500. This number is essentially how many times each pixels gets raytraced, or sampled as we say with Cycles.

More samples means better convergance, means clearer results.

More samples mean more time to render. In general the time it takes for 10 samples to complete (bottom right corner count) csn be linearly extrapolated to say 1000 samples: it means 100x the duration of 10 samples.

Note that at first switch you will have scene conversion in the initial samples included, so a quick left/right once rendering has started will give an accurate measurement.

Thanks for the help, but it still stops raytracing after a few seconds. Even if I set it to 100,000 cycles -says rendering- but I see no movement in the viewport. Looks very grainy.

As long as the clock is running and the sample count in the bottom right is increasing rendering is happening.

Note that with an increased DpiScale you’ll see still grainy results, since the pixels are larger. Perhaps instead of a large viewport use a smaller one, and set the DpiScale value smaller.