Update m_C3 curves for brep surface


is it possible to update all m_C3 curves of a modified brep surface at the same time without using the Pushup() command for each curve seperatly.

I need that because I modify the coordinates of a trimmed brep surface, whereby the m_C2 curves should remain the same.
The figure below shows the problem.

Any help is appreciated,

If you have obtained the 3D curve you want to update by some other means, you could maybe use

int idx; // the index of the curve you want to update
ON_Brep* b; // defined elsewhere
ON_Curve* newC3; // defined elsewhere
b->m_C3[idx]->CopyFrom(newC3); //

What i actually ment was, exists there ONE function which updates all m_C3 curves automatically, without updating each curce seperatly? Something like “b->update_all_C3curves()”.

The desired update is for example done if I pick and move one of the control points as shown in the figure.

I don’t think so. A simple for loop will help you.

I found the the “update” function, it is called. RebuildEdges(…) :smile:


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