Update GH when Attribute User Text changes?

Is there any way to re-evaluate the GH script when an objects Attribute User Text is changed?
Tried Elefront, but it’s “Reference by…” components do not cut it, and it’s “Get Elefront Attributes” or “Get User Attributes” do not auto-refresh.
Does a change of the User Text in Rhino even fire an event?
Thanks a lot!

You can do this with the Human plugin. The geometry pipeline there has an option to listen for attribute changes.

I can confirm it will change the text in GH as soon as you change the user text in Rhino.


Thank you, Armin! That works!

With Elefront you would have to use a Reference by … component.

Auto update is disabled by default. So you would have to uncheck that option.

Thanks, Martin!
That seems to work, too. I’d need the “Reference by User Attributes” component here, though.

Btw: the wildcard * needs to be plugged into “value”, if the values are different for the objects.

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