Update fails. Rhinodocs.icns file in use?

Hi All,
Every time I update the Rhino osx app I get a message that the rhinodocs.icns file is in use. I can’t locate the file anywhere on my mac or in Activity monitor. How do I close this file down so that I can proceed with the update?

OSX Lion

You mentioned that you are running OS X Lion, however I knew that even without you mentioning this. This is a known bug in the Finder in OS X Lion. The rhinodocs.icns file is inside the Rhinoceros application bundle. The Finder starts copying Rhinoceros before it figures out that there are files in the previous version of Rhinoceros that are still in use.

There are two fixes:

  1. Drag the previous version of Rhinoceros to the trash before starting the copy.
  2. Upgrade to 10.8 (or upcoming OS X Mavericks). The 10.8 Finder does this correctly.

Thanks Marlin,

Option 1 will work for me, as I can’t upgrade the OS on this iMac. I will be looking to get a new iMac in the near future when Mavericks becomes the standard installed OS.

Rob Kenning